Scotch Guard Brisbane & Gold Coast

Scotch guarding is important to carpets because it provides them with protection using the well known material teflon, or ‘Scotch guard’ to prevent damage and any potential dirt, grit or allergens getting into and staining or staying in the carpet. We offer scotch guarding as one of our many services to all of Brisbane and the Gold coast.

Scotch guarding your carpet in your home or business is important for the following reasons:

  • Scotch guard shields your carpet preventing potential damages well in advance, as a source of prevention in regards to protection for your home or businesses carpets in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.
  • Scotch guard also ensures longevity of your carpets colour.
  • It prevents liquids and spills from staining the carpet by creating a larger window of time for you to react and clean any accidents.

Our team of professional scotch guarders available to service you in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are experts in the installation and maintenance of the product, so if you have any questions or are interested in having your carpet scotch guarded call one of our friendly representatives on 1300 34 34 33 today.

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