Rug Cleaning Brisbane & Gold Coast

We’ve heard stories of the rug that was given to one of our customers that came from their grandmother, that a friend of the family has recently spilled a huge glass of red wine on, and nothing makes us happier than cleaning this rug for them and their amazement and awe in the results that were achieved.

Our team of professional rug cleaners vacuum, pre-spray, treat the stain, dry or steam clean, scrub and as such take all of the necessary steps involved so that whilst cleaning the rug it returns to it’s original colour, quantity and feel.

We offer our rug cleaning services all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast but it’s more than just results.

We’re dedicated to learning, developing and training our cleaners to deliver the best results all over.

If you have a rug in need of urgent cleaning or any other cleaning service call one of the total carpet clean team now to visit you in Brisbane or the Gold Coast by appointment or in the case of an emergency on 1300 34 34 33.