Leather Cleaning Brisbane & Gold Coast

Like with all of our cleaning services that are offered to Brisbane and the Gold Coast from our team of professionals, we’re fully trained and prepared for any cleaning required on leather surfaces and products. It can be very upsetting to have an expensive or sentimentally valuable leather piece of furniture become stained or dirty through use over time, and many people think that leather is near impossible to be cleaned.

We’ve got experience with a lot of material surfaces and leather is one of them. Our leather cleaners have cleaned furniture and all leather products to a state that our clients say was almost to a better standard of condition than when it was first purchased.

If you’re interested in leather cleaning anywhere in Brisbane or Gold Coast call us now on 1300 34 34 33.

Here at Total Carpet Cleans top tips on how to prevent your leather from needing to be cleaned too frequently and steps you can take to keep it in top condition for longer after our cleaning service:

  • Remove any stains or spills from the leather as soon as possible, the longer it is left on the leather the more likely it will be that it will stain.
  • Some leathers are harder or softer than others, for example many pieces of furniture are made from a soft leather that won’t benefit from the use of soap. This is where the knowledge of our professional leather cleaning services offered to Brisbane and the Gold Coast can come in handy.
  • Don’t scrub or use steel wool or equally as abrasive materials as it can severely damage the integrity of the leather to a point of it being irreparable.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Process