Flea Treatment Brisbane & Gold Coast

If you’re looking for flea treatment in Brisbane or the Gold Coast then look no further than us here at total carpet clean. We’ve got trained professionals in flea treatment who are constantly kept up to date with the best standards and practice to deliver results in cure and prevention for flea treatment all over Queensland.

Our flea treatment services are available not only in Brisbane and the Gold Coast but also all of the surrounding suburbs such as Robina, Southport and Burleigh heads to name a select few.

Total Carpet Cleans top tips for flea prevention:

  • Keep your pet sleeping in one area so if they bring fleas in from outside they won’t infest your entire household, preventing flea treatment from potentially ever even being required.
  • Don’t allow your pets to roam under the house or in the rooves or upper parts of your home in Brisbane if possible.
  • Use products such as Frontline and other flea or tick repellents to prevent them from ever contracting them to begin with. With many things, such as our flea treatment and cleaning services offered in the Gold Coast, prevention would have and is always better than the cure.

If you would like to book an appointment for flea treatment at your home in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast call a member of the team on 1300 34 34 33 today.