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Cleaning Upholstery

Cleaning Upholstery

Trying to keep your house spotless some time may require more than two hands. Especially when you look over to see who’s laying on your couch.

Our experienced technicians can assist you with keeping your couches, dining chairs, bar stools or any other fabric upholstery you may have in the house looking brighter and smelling cleaner in just minutes there is no fabric we can’t clean and no couch we can’t restore in looking good and smelling clean.
Upholstery cleaning includes the following measure to insure you get the best in all areas:

  • Professional advice and assessment
  • Floor covering around cleaning object to insure no water or dirt touches your clean floors
  • Pre vacuuming to remove hair and crumbs under your seats
  • Stain treatment
  • Dry or Steam extraction
  • Deodorising