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Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning

No Waiting Time for Drying

Steam Cleaning

Great flushing capability
Necessary for carpets with heavy soiling
takes between 6-12 hours to dry

Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

There are many different methods of carpet cleaning. With so many methods it can be difficult to determine which one is best. So is there one method that is better than all of the others? The answer is no.

Read the information below to help you get a better understanding on the different cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning

Do you need to use the carpeted area in which you are cleaning almost right away?
Is it an office or work area? Or do you just want it all done before the kids come home from school?
Well the dry clean method is something to keep in mind.

Total Carpet Clean uses non toxic chemicals that are safe for your babies and pets. Professional Carpet Cleaning has never been safer. In the past most cleaning chemicals contained petroleum based agents and solvents in them which could be harmful to occupants in the household..

Dry cleaning helps remove stains from heavy traffic areas that you may have around the house, such as hallways, stairs and door entries. This not only cleans but also stops stains from re-appearing. It also removes imbedded stains caused from wearing black soles on your shoes.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also an excellent cleaning method. This method has a great flushing capability since it uses a lot of water to rinse the carpet best performing if the mixture of water pressure and temperature is right.

Carpets that haven’t been cleaned for more the three years or have heavy pet soiling this will be the way to go. Only down fall is that carpets take up for 6 -12 hours to dry depending on the weather.
In some cases more of the heavily soiled carpets need to be treated with both methods the dry and steam to best extract and remove soiling.

In Conclusion

This information will help you in choosing the right type of carpet cleaning method for your carpet.